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Add Users

Users are your team members. Add and invite any team member who will be using Observic either to be reviewed or who will be performing reviews. You will be able to group them into User Groups in the next step.
Click here to understand how User roles work so you know what level of access to give your team members.
First Name Last Name Job Title Email User Role Action
Send 'Audit only' invites

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Download a sample CSV file Click Here

Create User Groups

User groups allow you to manage segments of your organisation so they can be reviewed under specific types of criteria (which we will setup next).
This is usually by department, by career stage or any other purpose your organisation requires.
As an Admin you will also be able to filter reports based on your user groups.
Note that it is possible for users to be assigned to multiple user groups.
User Group Name
Assign User To User Group
Add Another Group


Forms are the central tool in Observic.
They list the criteria against which you are reviewing your team.
We have provided some template forms in the 'Form Library' to get you started and use to customise for your own organisation. You can also create entirely bespoke forms.
Once you are in your account you will find the Form Library under Admin Tools.
The review process can not take place until you create or select a form and assigned it to users.

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